Community and Outreach

Two of my passions...

Inspired by the work of Lathisms and emboldened by the film Hidden Figures, Erica Graham, Raegan Higgins, Candice Price and I created the website “Mathematically Gifted and Black”. We have the pleasure of spotlighting 28 Black Mathematicians each February and sharing their stories with the public.


CODEHOUSE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on cultivating a strong pipeline between students of color and industry leading technology companies. At its core, CODEHOUSE aims to tackle the diversity gap in technology by providing resources to enhance students’ technical skills, promoting internship/full-time placement, and elevating the next generation of diverse leaders in technology. I am honored to serve as a member of the Board of Directors for this organization.
Other Organizations, Projects, & Programs
Below is a list of organizations, projects, and programs that I've been a part of over the years.
Diversity Related Talks, Panels, Papers
  • Panel Moderator. Changing Curriculum and the Zeitgeist: Effects and Current Trends on Underrepresented Students in Undergraduate Mathematics Education. 2020 Joint Mathematics Meetings.
  • Podcast Appearance. Relatively Prime: Stories from the Mathematical Domain (2019).
  • Panel Member. NAM 2019-2069: Where Do We Go from Here? 2019 Joint Mathematics Meetings.
  • C. Flores, A. Prieto Langarica, and S. Wilson. Working with students from underrep- resented minority groups. In Michael Dorff, Allison Henrich, and Lara Pudwell, editors, A Mathematicians Practical Guide to Mentoring Undergraduate Research. AMS—MAA Press (2019).
  • E. Graham, R. Higgins, C. Price, and S. Wilson. AMS Poster : Historical Black Mathematicians. Available at (2018).
  • E. Graham, R. Higgins, C. Price, and S. Wilson. AMS Poster : Mathematically Gifted and Black. Available at (2018).
  • E. Graham, R. Higgins, C. Price, and S. Wilson. The Mathematically Gifted and Black Website. Notices of the AMS Volume 65, Number 2 (2018).
  • R. Higgins, E. Graham,and S. Wilson. SIAM Celebrates Diversity in Mathematics. SIAM News. Volume 49, Number 10 (2016).
  • Panel Member. No Longer Hidden Figures: Women Mathematicians Share Their Path to the Profession.
    MAA Mathfest 2017.
  • Panel Member. Hidden Figures Panel. 2017 SIAM Annual Meeting.
  • Panel Member. Celebrating Diversity in Mathematical Sciences. 2017 SIAM Annual Meeting.
  • Panel Member. Inspiring Women in STEM. 2017 Sonia Kovalevsky Day, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire.
Service to the Community
  • Co-organizer Network of Mathematicians of Color Workshop
  • AWM Humphreys Award Committee Member
  • Future Leaders in interdisciplinary Cancer Research (FLiiCR) Summer Program Co-organizer
  • University of Maryland MAPS REU Project Co-Leader
  • Howard Engineering GEAR UP Project External Advisory Committee Member
  • SIAM Diversity Advisory Committee Member
  • SIAM Diversity Advisory Committee
  • Workshop Celebrating Diversity Organizing Committee
  • 2018 SIAM Annual Meeting Organizing Committee Member
Etta Falconer
My grandmother, Etta Falconer, (or “Mama” as I knew her) was among the first 10 African-American women to earn a Ph.D. in Mathematics. She earned her Ph.D. in 1969 at the height of the Civil Rights movement and dedicated more than 4 decades of her life to increasing the number of black women entering STEM fields. Learn more about her and her life and legacy in the links below :